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We are Maryanna and Ruben, and we are passionate about different cultures, teaching and traveling. Go beyond with our efficient approach, different from any other language classes out there.

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Language Accelerated

We speed up the learning process for adults, high school and university students. We prepare you for Official Language Proficiency tests, as well as End of Term and Entrance exams. You will achieve high scores in TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge Certificates.


We are native language teachers and combine our experience in the corporate world to comprehensively assist you on a technical level. We have Real Life experience in Law, Engineering, Teaching and Entrepreneurship.

Language PLUS

We help you learn the language using tools that improve your mental health such as NLP, Mindfulness, meditation, mantras, codes, Access®, etc.

Move-in Language

The cultural adaptation process can take years. We accelerate it for you. We combine language learning with complete assistance in social and cultural integration, paperwork and more. You won't get lost in your new life experience.

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